Train your 'mind'

Mindfulness training (or attention training) is officially called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training and is an eight-week stress-reduction training that was developed over 35 years ago by the American scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn.

It's called training because you can train attention, just like a muscle. Through various exercises you learn to be more attentive in the moment. You practice to be mild, non-judgmental in everything that presents itself. Whether these are thoughts, moods or physical sensations.

You learn to be instead of doing. The effect is that by standing still or slowing down you will start to recognize your tendencies and habitual patterns, which will give you a choice (or several), instead of an automatic pilot type of response.

People who have followed an eight-week week indicate that they can concentrate better, worry less, sleep better and are better able to guard their limits. In addition, a decrease in discomfort, a more positive image of themselves and their environment, more energy and an overall improvement in quality of life are reported.

The eight-week mindfulness training (MBSR) is offered in the spring of 2020 on Thursday evening for English speakers, for Dutch speakers see here.

Costs: 450 euros for eight sessions of 2,5 hours including: introductory meeting, workbook, an app with audio files to practice at home, a silence day and a follow-up discussion.

A large number of insurers reimburse the eight-week mindfulness training (MBSR / MBCT) in the supplementary package (up to 350 euros when you suffer from burn-out complaints). Menzis reimburses it fully for caregivers ('mantelzorgers'). For more information:

Eight week mindfulness training (MBSR)

Time: Eight Thursday evenings from 19:30-22:00 h.
Location: Centrum Djoj
Anthony Duyklaan 5-7
3051 HA Rotterdam
Date: to be announced
Price:  €450

More information? Email  or call Anette: 06-43069256. After registration, an introductory interview will first take place.