Anette Plinck

My name is Anette Plinck (1971) and mindfulness has drastically changed my life in a positive way. I would therefore like to share the knowledge about the power and healing effects of attention (mindfulness training) with others.

At the Instituut voor Mindfulness I found the training that met my wishes: people who have been at it from the get go with a lot of experience, in direct contact with and trained by the "inventor" of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Today's society is screaming for mindfulness. I see the needs of students and colleagues in schools. Based on my own experiences with mindfulness, I see enormous potential in applying it.

And it is for a reason that you hear so much about it. You could call that a hype. You could also conclude that it is very good, that it just works. More and more studies confirm this.

Mindfulness in education is in its infancy - certainly in the Netherlands - and I am very excited to investigate its possibilities in the future, both for colleagues and for students. As part of that, I followed a teacher training course for a method developed specifically for secondary, K12 or highschool students (the .b program). I also offer the method "Aandacht Werkt!" (Attention Works!) from Eline Snel. In 2015/16 I was active on the board of the Mental Fitness Foundation 2020 and since 2015 I participate in the education group of the VMBN. Since 2017 I am also a certfified compassiontrainer for the MBCL (Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living) training.

After working more than fifteen years as a biology teacher, I now focus primarily on giving trainings in Rotterdam / The Hague and surroundings. I am a certified category 1 trainer and a member of the VMBN. For the compassion training (MBCL) I am a certified register A trainer.

I have also been trained as a volunteer death counselor at Hospice de Liefde and I am studying for my own development with various meditation teachers.